Here you can find links to some of the preaching that is happening here at Faith Centennial United Church. Sermon manuscripts and audio files will be presented here from time to time. If you’d like to talk about a sermon, or join us and hear a few in person, you’re welcome to join us at the church Sunday morning!

Season of Lent: In this sermon series through Lent, we explore the practice of sacrifice to God through giving up our doubts. In this series we hone in on specific doubts about our faith and address them through Scripture.

March 10, 2019: “Giving Up Doubts I

March 17, 2019: “Giving Up Doubts II

March 24, 2019: “Giving Up Doubts III

March 31, 2019: “Giving Up Doubts IV

April 7, 2019: “Giving Up Doubts V

April 14, 2019: “Palm Sunday