Here you can find links to some of the preaching that is happening here at Faith Centennial United Church. Sermon manuscripts and audio files will be presented here from time to time. If you’d like to talk about a sermon, or join us and hear a few in person, you’re welcome to join us at the church Sunday morning!

Season of Advent: The season of expectation is upon us! We diligently await the Messiah’s coming. This year we explore the prophecies as a journey, an adventure, with familiar sojourners along the way like John the Baptist and Ahaz. Join us as we see the prophecies given by Isaiah in a different light.

December 1, 2019: “NO CHURCH due to inclement weather!

December 8, 2019: “The Night is Far Spent/All Roads lead to…

December 15, 2019: “ On the Road again…

December 22, 2019: “Looking Back…

Season of Christmas: Christmas season brings with it a fullness unlike any other. In Jesus we find a completion, a filling of, that the world cannot provide. But how does Jesus do this, and why? These lessons may shed some light on that.

December 24, 2019: “Christmas Eve Service

January 5, 2020: “Jesus, Like Us

Season of Epiphany: The fullness of grace we receive by the revealing of God’s own Son, Jesus, is something that we can hardly describe but need desperately. This season is full of surprises with each revelation of Scripture.

January 12, 2020: “Epiphany II: Baptism of the Lord.

January 19, 2020: “Epiphany III: Hype or Authority?

January 26, 2020: “Epiphany IV: Lost or Hiding?